Divorce Mediation of the Carolinas
"Fair and Equitable Resolution"

​​Charlotte, NC Offices 704.927.1482
Serving North and South Carolina 


Divorce Mediation in Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC Offices 704.927.1482
Serving North and South Carolina 

 Divorce Mediation of the Carolinas serves NC and SC clients.  We help people decide the issues that must be resolved in divorce in a respectful, non-threatening environment. Our process provides an opportunity to help couples discuss and explore problems and solutions without the huge financial and emotional costs of two attorneys and litigation. 

 Our goals as mediators are to:

  • Develop a detailed and fair agreement for equity distribution, child custody/support and post separation support.
  • Help divorcing couples reach parenting agreements that meet their needs and the needs of their children.
  • Maintain or develop the couple’s ability to cooperate so that they can resolve any post-divorce problems without the need to go to court

We guide without judgment to help our divorcing clients seek, and find sensible and creative solutions to their problems. In the process they learn and develop communication skills that they can use in the future.

 How are we different:

  • Our Mediators have 20+ years in negotiating, conflict resolution and financial analysis - not counselors pretending to be mediators.
  • Provide a comprehensive separation agreement based on your decisions – not just bullet points to take to a costly attorney.
  • Two mediators to help each party feel supported and heard.
  • High referral rates and a 5 star Google ranking for Client Satisfaction - many mediation firms have few or no reviews.
  • Offer flexible meeting times and locations to meet your needs.​ 

Peaceful Resolution

We have a proven track record of providing first class mediation to our clients.  We have a passion for helping our clients through a difficult time. We look forward to speaking with you and providing a no cost consultation on how we can help.​​

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​​"John was terrific and was extremely knowledgeable about how to best handle my particular situation. There is a ton of detail involved and it was very important for me to have the best advice possible. Easily spared me tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs"
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